Robert and Sheila Kelzke - KG Advertising Graphic Design and Photography Melbourne

KG Advertising are an experienced value for investment graphic design and photography creative services provider

Since 1993 – KG Advertising Graphic Designers and Photographers Melbourne  have been providing our clients with a viable cost effective alternative to main stream ad agencies and graphic design companies. KG Advertising are a small Australian owned, Melbourne based, advertising graphic design and photography company with the in-house concept to completion capabilities of providing ‘value for investment’ strategic creative response solutions for all kinds of business advertising and promotional graphic design requirements across a broad range of marketing activities and industry sectors.

Robert Kelzke – KG Advertising Creative and Managing Director

Robert has over 30 years of proven hands-on advertising and graphic design experience. A specialist skills and knowledge base that includes Brand Design. Packaging Design. Digital and Print Design. Promotion Design. Website Design. Exhibition Design. Display Design. Photography. Account Management. Project Management. Print Management. Copy Writing. Art Direction. Robert is a qualified Graphic Designer, Finished Artist, Art Director and Creative Photographer.

Sheila Kelzke – KG Advertising Financial and Fun Director

Sheila manages the financial affairs of Graphic Designers Melbourne KG Advertising. Apart from her financial management expertise Sheila’s a creative individual in her own right and a valuable female perspective creative contributor. Sheila always goes beyond the expected to ensure our clients are well looked after during their time with us and is always the first with a smile, she is an integral part of making work fun.

KG Advertising are strategic creative response graphic designers and creative photographers

KG Advertising work collaboratively with our clients, providing inspired strategic creative problem solving expertise for the advertising, promotion and marketing of their products, goods and services. We are dedicated to our craft, valued clients and providing value for investment creative services. We’ve created a lot of effective graphic design work for a diverse range of brands, products, services, demographics, industries and industry sectors. Small, medium and large corporate organisations have all benefited from entrusting KG Advertising to come up with a creative problem solving solution for a strategic marketing objective on a defined budget with minimum information and a pressing deadline. Concept to completion, we have a lot of fun in the process.

KG Advertising Graphic Design and Photography Melbourne

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