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Brand Design Identity Case Study: Austens Accountants Brand Design Strategy

When Austens approached KG Advertising (Robert Kelzke) to re-brand the Austens Accountancy Practise, I was expecting the design process to be a bit predictable and safe. However during the design development process I threw in a few left of centre concepts that excited me and which I believed was the right way for Austens to re-position their brand in a recognised conservative industry to leverage their brand and broaden their client base. To my delight Austens Partners embraced the new brand design image and the considered design rationale behind it. The new Austens ‘Golden Boomerang’ logo gives you an insight into the ethos of their business delivery mission. Gold has always been the measure of sustained value, enduring prosperity, the barometer of financial stability and success. The Australian Boomerang is a unique specialised ingenious, indigenous device, designed as a labour saving technology to make things easier, expend less energy for greater return. Austens ‘Golden Boomerang’ symbolically represents the returning of dynamic business solutions to their clients.

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