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Brand Design Impact | Stand-out in a crowded market place

Why does your brand design need Brand Design Impact? Competition is fierce in every field of business and it’s all about making your products, goods and services stand out from your competitors in the consumers eye and mind. Consumers have too many choices and so little time to choose, most offerings having similar qualities and features, the only difference is brand identity. Consumers tend to base buying choices on trust, brand credibility and loyalty. Trust meaning, meeting and surpassing customer expectations. All these qualities can be captured in your brand presence, so it’s important to brand and more important to get it right. Great Brands are Iconic, an avatar of what your business stands for. ICON (iconic) = A visual enduring symbol that suggests a market position, a symbol that commands attention and devotion. AVATAR = The embodiment of quality and concept, a continuing identity, a brand that can move, change and be used seamlessly across all media.

BUILDING CHARISMATIC BRANDS. What is a charismatic brand? Any product service or organisation for which consumers believe there is no substitute or peer, a brand that has an extraordinary ability to attract, a brand with a magnetic personality. KG Advertising’s strategic creative brand design response objective is to deliver CHARISMATIC BRANDS of distinction.

Brand Design Impact – build strong brands that demand attention and stand-out in a crowded marketplace.

Brand Design Impact, creative response is the No.1 determinant of whether a brand stands out. Brand Design is the creative response to how beautiful, inspiring and charismatic something can be, a way of changing and influencing consumer purchasing decisions. KG Advertising’s creative graphic design response objective is to design and deliver impact brands that symbolically encapsulate information connected to a product, service or organisation, a visual enduring symbol that commands a market position, serving to create association, expectation, consumer trust and brand credibility.

Creating Brands for Brand Design Impact – We are all hard-wired to notice difference. Stand out. Differentiate. Cultivate. Innovate. Collaborate. Associate.

CREATE CREDIBILITY. Consumers are loyal to brand identities that deliver superior goods and services without compromise, brands they can rely on and refer to others in their life circles.

CREATE PERCEPTION. An effective brand design creates per-conceived consumer perception, feeling and association about a product, service or business organization.

FIELD TEST. Test ideas before they go to market. Test banishes the fear factor. This does not mean the implementation of focus groups and quantitative studies. Test for distinctiveness, relevance, memorability, extend-ability and depth of meaning.

Food for thought:
The strategic thinker
is analytical, logical, linear, numerical and verbal. The creative thinker is intuitive, CREATIVE, emotive, spacial, visual, evocative, perceptive, provocative, innovative and inspirational. Together you have the ingredients to build strong brands that deliver. Robert Kelzke Creative Director KG Advertising is both a strategical and creative thinker which is what makes the decision for our clients to engage us easy, it’s a cost effective stream lined process way to create powerful, effective brands of distinction.

In all cases of effective branded communication design creation, strategic creative graphic design response is of paramount importance.

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