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Case Study: Brand design and marketing support material project – Brella Fabrics Australia

The Brella Fabrics brand design brief strategy was to evolve the existing out-dated but well recognised iconic Australian brand into a vibrant, modern, evocative, impact brand identity that would re-define the brand, invigorate internal Brella stakeholders, staff, supply chains and business partners, creating greater Brella brand awareness within the industry (wholesale & retail). KG Advertising’s brand design strategy was to isolate significant components of the old Brella brand design and integrate these elements into the new Brella brand identification. The most obvious graphic design element being the 2 oblique ‘Ls’ in the word Brella, this graphic device formed the foundation of the new improved Brella brand logo. Colours needed to be significantly changed to fit in with market design trends and free the brand from it’s “Italian” feel previous colour scheme. (As an Australian brand the existing colours were completely out of place.) Heavy, clunky old type face was replaced with a similar lighter, friendlier, easy to read type font, maintaining a heritage link to the old brand. The final approved colour scheme lime green and black, is vibrant and in-keeping with modern architectural and furnishing design trends.

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