New brand design identity has the ability to re-ignite the flame

Several years ago now KG Advertising was responsible for the resurgence of the Aftersix Bridal Glamour and Formal Wear Brand Design Identity. KG Advertising produced brand design identification for this company that has seen the brand redefine itself in a highly competitive industry associated with high standards and glamorous appeal. AfterSix always had outstanding designs and an established history, but no brand positioning or marketing leverage. The new Aftersix logo adapts well to all forms of electronic and printed marketing support mediums. The Aftersix branding project highlights our ability, flexibility and adaptability in providing strategic brand design identity creative response solutions across a broad spectrum of business industry sectors. A branded communication job developed into a full marketing campaign consisting of promotional brochures, store layout design, point of sale and exhibition design. The result being that the Aftersix Bridal Glamour and Formal Wear Brand has regained it’s position in the bridal industry as a leading provider, designer of Bridal and Fashion wear. The moral of the story is brands get tired and often need a spark of strategic creative inspiration to re-ignite the flame.

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