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Packaging Designers Melbourne
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To design packaging you need to understand packaging design – Packaging design is the process and ingenuity of enclosing, preserving products for distribution, storage, sale and consumption. Packaging design is the ‘visual artistry’ of presenting products to target markets with a defined marketing strategy implemented to rival competitors products, promote consumer purchasing confidence, brand loyalty, drive sales and market segment growth. Effective product packaging is a complex graphic design and brand strategy procedure best left in the hands of professional packaging designers that understand brand design and the strategic graphic design process.

KG Advertising understand packaging design and brand design strategy

There is no place for compromise when presenting your products to the global market-place, anything less than the best is compromise. Having the best does not mean paying the most, KG Advertising have a proven history in creating value-for-investment professional packaging design and promotional graphic design for all kinds of product marketing support, digital online and print. KG Advertising love the strategic creative design process and the final printed packaging design outcome on display for all to see, it’s a really satisfying experience and we can never get enough of, it’s addictive work. Whether it’s a new product or evolving, extending an existing range, KG Advertising’s strategic creative graphic design response objective is to deliver emotive, market and segment relevant packaging design.

Packaging Designers Melbourne - KG Advertising Graphic Design and Photography

Over 30 years of graphic design and advertising industry experience at your service

KG Advertising’s Creative and Managing Director Robert Kelzke has over 30 years of  ‘hands-on’ packaging design, graphic design, brand strategy graphic design skill, knowledge and experience. Concept to completion – account management, creative design strategy, copy, content, photography, finished artwork, print placement and project management.

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