Packaging Designers Melbourne – KG Advertising strategic creative response solutions for specific packaging design marketing objectives

KG Advertising Strategic Packaging Design Marketing Objective – Promote brand and product to appeal to a larger market, grow market share and impact adversely competitor brands, increase consumer brand power, product awareness, purchasing confidence, product trust, ongoing brand, product purchasing loyalty. Whether it’s a new product, product range, evolving or extending an existing product range, KG Advertising’s strategic creative packaging design response objective is to deliver emotive, market impacting and segment relevant packaging design, packaging that engages the customer through differentiation and brand design identification. From the branding, to the content, to the imagery through to the creation of professional industry standard pre-press ready finished artwork, we are methodical in our creative services delivery. Packaging design is a combination of creativity and technical service delivery, a solid understanding of both is vital in creating packaging design that works on all levels. Every detail from packaging form, function, colour scheme, typography, scanable barcodes or QR codes, content minimum legislative text size and consumer information requirements, visual identity, brand identity, market competition, positioning are systematically considered to ensure a strategically considered creative response solution is obtained. Packaging designed with stand-alone, stand out shelf impact that showcases brand, product qualities, consumer and legal product information content requirements.

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