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Photographers Melbourne – a creative graphic design approach to advertising image capture

As an adjunct to our core business of advertising and graphic design, KG Advertising offer our clients the convenience of a creative in-house or on-location photography service. Photographers Melbourne KG Advertising have in-house photographic studio capabilities of handling product photography, model photography, portrait photography and general photography. KG Advertising are equipped and set up for on-location photography assignments such as architectural photography, interior design photography, manufacturing photography, service industry photography, trade photography, building industry photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography special events photography, hospitality photography and sports photography. Art Direction is not an extra cost when you engage KG Advertising Photographers Melbourne, it’s an integral component in the delivery of our creative photography service. Whether KG Advertising are creating digital imagery for website reproduction, display, exhibition, promotion or a hard copy printed catalogue the attention to detail and creative intention is vital in ensuring our clients products, goods and services are displayed in the best possible light.

Quality professional photography requires professional photographic equipment to achieve

KG Advertising Photographers Melbourne only use professional digital SLR Cameras, specialised lenses and lighting equipment to capture our digital images. Specialised industry standard digital image enhancement software, in-house image enhancement, photography retouching, colour management, perspective correction, qualified graphic design skills and knowledge all combine to create KG Advertising professional digital imagery. A smart phone is not considered to be professional photographic equipment and can never replicate the quality of image an slr digital camera and lens can, so when your business marketing depends on quality brand image capture Photographers Melbourne KG Advertising are well worth it.

Photographers Melbourne - Food Photography - KG Advertising Graphic Design Studio - Robert Kelzke

Photographers Melbourne - Fashion and Portrait Photography - KG Advertising Graphic Design Studio - Robert Kelzke

Photographers Melbourne not only capture the moment we enhance it

Photographers Melbourne not only capture the moment, we’ve turned photography into an art form, KG Advertising can transform photographic images into beautiful full colour or grey-scale illustrations for maximum customised marketing display presentation. When your business needs to stand out in a crowded market place it is vital to make your imagery stand-out imagery.

Photographers Melbourne - Sheilla Spice She'licious Recipe Book, Portrait Photography - KG Advertising

Photographers Melbourne Artified Photographic Imagery for maximum impact by Robert Kelzke
Photographers Melbourne F1 Grand Prix Ferrari Photographic Illustration - Robert Kelzke Photographers Melbourne Moto Grand Prix Photographic Illustration - Robert Kelzke

Photographers Melbourne AFL 2016 Grand Final Photographic Illustration - Robert Kelzke

Photographers Melbourne – Robert Kelzke has many more examples of how exciting photography can be made to look even more exciting, utilising all his years of graphic design experience and inherent creativity Robert transform photography into art. Rob calls it digital photography artification, techniques and a personal creative style developed over many years. Want to see more of Rob’s work or engage his talent for your next marketing campaign that requires a photographers eye with the creative flair of a graphic designer artist, please make contact. KG Advertising are here to make your job easier and your business promotion a stand out success.

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