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KG Advertising
creative image
capture for
specific business,
products, goods
and services
marketing objectives

KG Advertising image-capture (photography) is the creative digital photographic depiction of products and services to be used in effective visual communication to sell an idea. From digital-image-capture to re-touching, enhancing and manipulation of digital images, it’s all part of the KG Advertising graphic design creative service delivery process.
Art Direction is not an extra cost when you engage KG Advertising Photographers Melbourne, it’s an integral component in the delivery of our professional creative photography service.

Product Photography.
Advertising Photography.
Industrial Photography.
Architectural Photography.
Portrait Photography.
Promotion Photography.
Lifestyle Photography.
Fashion Photography.
Studio Photography.
Location Photography.
Corporate Photography.
Sport Photography.
Event Photography.
Food Photography.
Function Photography.
Environment Photography.


Whether KG Advertising are photographing digital imagery for advertising, products, portraits, architecture, interior design, events, displays, presentations, exhibitions, promotions, websites, brochures or catalogues the attention to detail and creative intention is vital in ensuring our clients products, goods and services are displayed in the best possible light.

Professional Photographers Melbourne KG Advertising
Our business is the business of making your business look good, our job is the job of making your job easier.

KG Advertising Graphic Design, Finished Artwork and Photography Creative Services Melbourne
strategic creative response – brand design identity solutions for smart business marketing objectives

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