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Portrait Photography is a photographic discipline that many people take for granted, the way a person is portrayed in a static image can make a significant difference to the impact an image can have on it’s audience. I have been taking portrait images ever since I was a young boy, it’s fair to say my portrait photography of the time was just a ‘snap-shot’, however I have always tried to capture the moment, a memory to cherish and reflect on for an eternity to come. Every portrait shot as individual as the person and portrait image requirement. Whether it’s a commercial advertising image or a family memento mantel piece image, my creative objective is to capture a defined moment that best reflects my subject, compliments, excites and evokes a positive response. I firmly believe it is important to use digital technology post portrait photo shoot to ensure every angle is covered to maximise the impact and final portrait image I deliver to my clients. I use many specialised, exclusive Robert Kelzke customised filter effects, retouching techniques and general Photoshop enhancing skills that make my portraits special, one of a kind images and no two the same. Never has a saying been truer… ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and who doesn’t love a picture perfect ‘Kodak’ moment. I know I do.

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