Melbourne F1 Grand Prix Photographic Illustration - Robert Kelzke

Professional studio or on-location photography

As an adjunct to our core business of advertising and graphic design, KG Advertising offer our clients the convenience of a creative in-house or on-location photography service. KG Advertising have in-house photographic studio capabilities of handling product photography, model photography, portrait photography and general photography. KG Advertising are equipped and set up for on-location photography assignments such as architectural photography, interior design photography, manufacturing photography, service industry photography, trade photography, building industry photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography special events photography, hospitality photography and sports photography. Whether KG Advertising are creating digital imagery for website reproduction, display, exhibition, promotion or a hard copy printed catalogue the attention to detail and creative intention is vital in ensuring our clients products, goods and services are image-captured in the best possible light.

Art Direction is not an extra cost when you engage KG Advertising,
it’s an integral component in the delivery of our creative photography service

Robert Kelzke. Creative and Managing Director. Graphic Designers Melbourne KG Advertising.
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