Premium Showers and Robes 2022 brand launch

In February 2022 we were finally able to launch the new brand identification of Premium Showers and Robes. Over a year in the making with many twists and turns in the road due to Covid the project stalled, restarted, Read more

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Robert Kelzke – Original Abstract Impressionist Paintings

Kelzke Art Sales take commission orders for creating original paintings and illustrations of your favorite photographs, digital or prints. The images in the gallery below are only a few of the digital paintings on display for sale at Kelzke Read more

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Don’t let your brand get lost in the website coding – Content is the Key!

Don’t let your brand get lost in the coding, website code and SEO (search engine optimization) are important ingredients in the architecture and construction of your website, however alone do not build reasons why website visitors should consider your business, Read more

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Connecting workforce through core value policy

When KG Advertising were commissioned by Premium Showers and Robes in producing a company core values policy, never did we envisage the complexity and scale of the project in completion. A long term strategy to create a harmonious, productive Read more

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Brand and Exhibition Display Stand Design – Aftersix Formal Wear
Exhibition Display Designers Melbourne - Bridal Expo by KG Advertising

Investment into business brand identity is the most important first step into building a successful business marketing brand identity.

On a small budget and short lead time KG Advertising designed and created an exhibition display for the After Six Read more

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Brand Design Identity – 101 Physio

101 Physio are a specialist pain management, health and wellbeing clinic. KG Advertising Melbourne delivered a brand identification package that has made a significant impact to the success and continued business growth of 101 Physio in Melbourne. KG Advertising’s Read more

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Exhibition display design – more than creativity alone

Exhibition design is a collaborative process of knowledge integration, the integrating of many specialised & professional knowledge based disciplines: Creative problem solving knowledge. Graphic design knowledge. Architecture & interior design space knowledge. Manufacturing build process knowledge. Display stand design Read more

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Reward for Achievement

It is nice to know that that some big businesses value their workforce and acknowledge individual achievement milestones. Premium Showers and Robes Victoria Australia are such a company. Many of Premium’s staff have been with the company for over Read more

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Stand out brand design identification
Brand Design Identity - KG Advertising Melbourne

The facts are hard to ignore, brands created without strategy lack purpose and brands that lack creativity fail to engage with customers. Businesses that engage professional creative service providers in the creation and implementation of marketing support requirements perform better Read more

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