Invest in strategically considered brand design identity

There is no better way to kick start a new business than investing in professional strategically considered brand design identity right from the start, positioning your business distinctly different from your competitors is a time proven way to get Read more

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NEW Brand Design Identity for Brella Fabrics

KG Advertising’s Brella Fabrics brand design identity brief strategy was to evolve the existing outdated but well recognised iconic Australian brand into a vibrant, modern, evocative, impact brand identity that would re-define the brand, invigorate internal Brella stakeholders, staff, Read more

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Brand style guides are vital for brand marketing consistency

Too many businesses do not understand the importance of preparing Brand Style Guides and only see it as an un-necessary additional cost when developing new brand identification. Brand Style Guides are a businesses ‘Brand Bible’. Brand Style Guides lay Read more

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Brand Design Communication Specialists

The one thing that defines and separates your business from a rivals is distinctive business brand design identification

The positive effect that a strategically conceived business, product or service brand identification can have on the prosperity and Read more

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Brand design for maximum impact

In what is a crowded digital global market place the need for your business, products, goods and services to be noticed is more important than ever before. Every business no matter how small should invest in brand identification Read more

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Brand design strategy specialists

Brand Design Strategy is a plan of action to accomplish a specific business marketing outcome, a plan of action that creates the greatest opportunities to increase sales, brand awareness, brand loyalty and a market driven competitive edge. Read more

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