Brand and Exhibition Display Stand Design – Aftersix Formal Wear

Trying to fit a logo purchased from a ‘buy one, get 500 free logos website’ to suit your business strategic marketing objectives never works. Effective business brand identification needs to be custom made from the ground up to fit the ethos of your business and business industry – not fit the business to the logo. Investment into business brand identity is the most important first step into building a successful business marketing brand identity.

Brand Design Identification and Exhibition Display Stand Design Case Study – After Six Bridal and Formal Wear

KG Advertising was originally contacted by After Six Bridal and Formal Wear to ‘fix the brand’. Staff, friends and family tried doing it themselves without success, they then purchased an ‘on-line’ logo from a website logo design supermarket, which still did not fit the After Six Business Brand Identity Image, much time and resources being wasted in the process. KG Advertising won the brand design business and with it other marketing support projects such as the After Six Melbourne Bridal Expo display stand design and installation project. On a small budget and tight lead time KG Advertising managed to create an exhibition display that rivalled significantly larger, well resourced competitors. The Exhibition was an outstanding success – since the relaunch of their new brand identity, promotional print material and bridal exhibition After Six has enjoyed a considerable increase in consumer interest, sales have increased dramatically and they have re-captured and grown ‘market share’.

Brand Design Identity, Exhibition Display Stand Design, Print Promotion Design, Brochure and Magazine Advertising Design for Aftersix Formal Wear by KG Advertising Melbourne