Brand strategy design – Lifestyle Furniture

When KG Advertising were first invited to pitch for the Lifestyle Furniture advertising design work it was exclusively a website upgrade brief, however it was immediately clear to us that Lifestyle Furniture needed to go back to the drawing board and redefine it’s target market, market competition, marketing objectives and create a brand strategy business identity that reflects the marketing and business ethos of a long established, reputable company selling exceptional products in a fiercely competitive marketplace. This was not an easy sell as the original logo was a family designed affair with a history of over 20 years behind it, but change was desperately needed. The old design was tired, poorly drawn, bland, out of date and out of touch with the market. There were defined client boundaries that needed to be adhered to, the client did not want to loose the heritage of it’s existing logo, so it was an evolutionary not revolutionary approach required to ensure the client was comfortable in the change and re-positioning of it’s business brand identity. KG Advertising’s brand strategy creative response design objective was to drag the old logo kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The New Lifestyle Furniture brand design typography is a derivative of the old font with optimised word, letter spacing, tweaking of  letter weighting, shaping, colour and layout incorporating a new addition to the logo device was the distinctive ‘butterfly of all seasons’ icon. Colours selected representative of natural timber and foliage which reflects Lifestyles core business of supplying high quality, inspired design, solid natural Australian timber furniture products. With the new logo device a corporate logo and type font usage style guide was created to ensure the usage of the brand is consistent and appropriate. This was a project that required a lot of discipline and design restraint, no place for egos on this one.

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