Stand out brand focused business website design

Strategic business marketing design, brand and content is integral in creating stand out brand focused business website design. Creativity, brand identity and customised content is what will separate your business website design from your competitors. Brand identity, content, layout and ease of navigation are your weapons to construct a website of “business marketing value”. There are many  free content management systems at your disposal, with an endless array of free or cheap website templates on offer to you, but that is where the cheap side of constructing a business website ends. A strategically considered business website design requires a financial commitment far greater than the cost of a domain name, website template and hosting plan. Creating customised “rich content” for a website is no different to producing a quality catalogue, brochure, advertisement, product manual, newsletter, trade journal or novel. Your business has a story to tell, a product to sell and it doesn’t happen by accident. You reap what you sow: Whatever you are prepared to put in you can expect a beneficial to business financial return. As a guide a business website design will require an initial investment in time of 40 hours and from there a continued support upgrade commitment of several hours a week throughout the course of you business life. Every business must have an “Effective” website and every business owner must take the responsibility of maintaining it’s website to ensure they are seen and heard, ensuring you present your business to the global marketplace distinctly, professionally and creatively. Obviously there are many more issues that make your business website design work but this is the start, get this right and all else will fall into place in due course. A strategic creative business website should excite you and your website visitors, attract more site traffic and visitors, convert prospects into leads, nurture leads into customers, measure the effectiveness of your website input efforts in terms of financial prosperity.

Don’t let your Brand get lost in the coding: Code alone does not impose a compelling expression of why your customers should consider your business and products instead of your competitors, it’s creative strategic website content and design that drives it. A web developer, code writer is not trained in the art of creative strategic graphic design delivery and does not have the expertise to guide you through the creative thought process to develop a considered strategic creative response for your business website marketing objectives. What KG Advertising deliver when we create strategic creative business website design is a relevant and compelling summary of the value you offer, a comprehensive presentation of the strategic reason a prospect should consider you, an original leveraging message demographically targeted audience, benefit that you “own” in your marketplace a strong website foundation for all website and communications messaging including: online, traditional, and social media.

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