Celebrating 25 years of Business – 1st April 2018

1993-2018 | Celebrating 25 years as a marketing graphic design creative services provider

For 25 years we have filled the gap between expensive ad agencies and design studios to make professional advertising marketing design affordable to all kinds of businesses for all sizes of business, start-ups to established corporations, product, goods and services marketing objectives. We thank all our clients for their loyal and ongoing support over the journey, we have made many good friends in the process. There have been many challenges confronting our business over the years, yet we have endured when many others have not. So we take this time to give ourselves a little pat on the back, dust ourselves off and head into the future with the knowledge of the past in our hands.

KG Advertising – Brand Design, Promotion Design, Graphic Design, Finished Artwork and Photography Creative Services.
strategic creative response – brand design identity communication solutions for strategic business marketing objectives.

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