Connecting workforce through core value policy

When KG Advertising were commissioned by Premium Showers and Robes in producing a company core values policy, never did we envisage the complexity and scale of the project in completion. A long term strategy to create a harmonious, productive workplace that everyone from directors, managers, employees, suppliers and customers can relate to, paving the way to greater productivity, quality and job satisfaction for all. The main way finding display mural is over 80 metres long and 3 metres high making a vibrant statement, transforming a dark, boring, main factory walkway into an effective ‘message delivering billboard’. This was a strategically challenging complex project, a work of collaboration, inspiration and technical expertise from design to artwork, production and installation. We are proud of our contribution to the successful outcome of this project, executing the brief and project managing the whole process on budget, on time to deadline. 




Team Work


Core Values – Canteen Display Wall

Core Values – Training Room Display Wall

Loading Dock – Core Values Display Signage

Premium Showers and Robes – Core Values

Over 80 metres long x 3 metres high installation

Company Product and Core Values
Awareness Program

Another successful marketing design solution by Robert Kelzke KG Advertising Melbourne
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