Exhibition display design – more than creativity alone

Exhibition design is a collaborative process of knowledge integration, the integrating of many specialised & professional knowledge based disciplines: Creative problem solving knowledge. Graphic design knowledge. Architecture & interior design space knowledge. Manufacturing build process knowledge. Display stand design knowledge. Product knowledge. Engineering knowledge. Audio visualisation knowledge. Display knowledge. Digital media, lighting, and content development knowledge.

Exhibition Display Design is more than creativity alone, to¬†implement a stand-out exhibition display, creative skills alone will not get the job done. Exhibition display design integrates a wide range of organisational skills, technologies and techniques, however… An exhibition is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items.¬†Commercial exhibitions are organized so that businesses can showcase and demonstrate their latest greatest products, goods and services. Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions enables businesses of any size to study competitors, competition trends, activities and business defining strategies. When KG Advertising design and develop exhibition space, we always aim to communicate a specific, unique, strategic brand defining message that will engage the targeted market in a meaningful and compelling way. Creating effective exhibition display amalgamates many specialised facets beyond pure creativity alone, it is vital to have a clear understanding of budget restraint and practical display manufacturing solutions that stay within the parameters of set budgets.

Creative Response is the ‘Number One’ determinant of how visually exciting and stand-out an exhibition display space can be.