Jack Amery Constructions Brand Design Identity

KG Advertising recently completed a brand design identity for a new start up business – JACK AMERY CONSTRUCTIONS. The project was a referral from another client of ours which is awesome and greatly appreciated. To know a client is happy to refer us to others is a great endorsement and makes our work all the more enjoyable. As KG Advertising are a Werribee, Melbourne based advertising graphic design business and Jack Amery Constructions are a Bendigo based business all the work was handled remotely, through emails, texting and phone which is not our preferred method of creating a connection with a new client, but we love brand design and love putting our creative hat on for a new start up business. The design process went smoothly and efficiently with our clients choosing their preferred brand design approach, from there creating the finished artwork and rolling out the brand was seamless. The result speaks for itself, the client is now presenting their business to it’s industry and customers as a professional operation, a real alternative builder to the larger more resourced building companies. There is no better way to start a new business than investing in strategically considered brand design identity right from the start, positioning your business distinctly different from your competitors is a sure fire way to get noticed and stand out in a crowd. Strategic Creative Response objective achieved, good luck Jack & Co. Thanks for trusting KG Advertising for this vitally important marketing piece of intellectual property. Brand Design is not a cost it’s an investment into the future prosperity and reach of your business.

Above images are brand design mock ups and images of brand design development work, the final client approved logo is below