Bendigo Victoria tourist tram photo to digital illustration by Robert Kelzke

Digital Artified Images For Sale

KG Advertising is a well established Graphic Design Company that has been producing Digital Advertising Design for over a quarter of a century and love everything digital, so it is no coincidence that Creative Director Robert Kelzke spends a lot of his spare time digitally photographing objects and people of interest transforming these images into original ‘kelzke digital artified images’. Many of Robert’s artified images can be purchased and end up on display in clients homes. The beauty of Robert’s artified digital artworks is that colour has no boundaries and can be customised to client specific colour preferences to suit specific decor objectives. This blog highlights one of Robert’s work of art titled ‘make a wish’ showcases how versatile an image can appear. Robert likes to work in large format outcomes and size is important to create the impact of the image, they are are a complex range of colours, shapes and details which are best viewed as wall art in real time in real colour. Typical sizes would be 1600mm x 800mm or 800mm x 800mm. All Robert’s work can be purchased and customised to clients specific likes. If you have a favorite photograph or portrait photograph Robert can turn these images into one of a kind ‘original digital artwork masterpieces’. You can contact Robert directly via his email address or phone our head office for more details. Phone 0449 590 669 business hours.