Packaging design creative services provider

KG Advertising have a proven history in creating professional packaging design and finished artwork for our clients. KG Advertising love the strategic creative design process and the final printed packaging design outcome on display for all to see, it’s a really satisfying experience and we can never get enough of, it’s addictive work. Whether it’s a new product or evolving, extending an existing range, KG Advertising’s strategic creative graphic design response objective is to deliver emotive, market and segment relevant packaging design outcomes. KG Advertising produce packaging design for all kinds of products across an array of product categories – fmgc, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, food, electrical, lifestyle, cosmetics, construction, automotive sectors and have the ability to apply our expansive knowledge base and strategic creative minds to any project and provide a value for investment packaging design outcome. It’s not enough to be creative to produce professional standards in packaging design, you also have to have a strong analytical and technical understanding of packaging print production finished artwork standards and technologies to ensure packaging meets all technical, government statutory regulations and ethical standards along with the understanding that packaging design must not just look good it must sell a product in a crowded marketplace, KG Advertising design standout packaging that has been strategically conceived, developed and implemented from start to roll out.

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