Photography Restoration Service

Our photograph restoration retouching service is a favourite amongst our clients, friends and family. We all have old photographs of family historical events and people of significance to us, many of these old photographs will have been stored poorly, neglected or just faded with age. KG Advertising’s Robert Kelzke has a load of experience in photograph restoration retouching and has spent many hours restoring old photographs directly with paint and brush techniques or digital scanning of old photographs to be restored digitally to ensure images of importance, historical significance will live on in family albums and archives for years to come. The results that can be achieved are remarkable and put many a smile on a customers face. It’s a very rewarding experience to be able to provide photograph restoration retouching services to customers who had no idea what can be achieved this day and age in photo restoration. Our photograph restoration retouching service is affordable to everybody and in most cases more work hours are put into a photo restoration than what is originally quoted to ensure a professional result is obtained at no extra cost to our customer. If you have a precious photograph that could use a bit of TLC (tender loving care) to restore it to it’s original or better than original state, call Rob for a quote, retouched photographs make a great gift for any occasion for any body. There are endless amounts of photographic image enhancement filters and colouration formulas that transforms a plain image into a work of art. We have had great success in the enlargement of small images to large formats that view excellently on tablets, mobile phones, large format televisions, computer screens etc.

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