Reward your staff for a job well done

Rewarding your staff for a job well done doesn’t have to cost the earth. How many times have you heard it been said, ‘it’s not the gift that matters it’s the thought that counts’ Our client Premium Showers and Robes wanted to acknowledge the contribution of its valued staff in their ongoing commitment to working safe, for sustained periods of time without injury. Inclusive of a personally signed by the CEO achievement award certificate the company commissioned us to source a ‘useful’ cost effective, premium quality promotional product that served as an ongoing token of appreciation gift. The gift idea solution was nothing revolutionary, but the road to sourcing and delivering it was a week of sourcing, elimination and examination to ensure the promotional product was in keeping with the high calibre of company it was promoting and befitting of a work force that deserved it.

An Aluminium Drink Bottle was the desired promotional product. 40 hours plus of intense product research (online and on-the-phone) was required to source a specific product for a specific purpose for a strategic marketing objective.

A simple product to source and supply you would think?
When you research the promotional drink bottle industry you will find the options are endless and finding the exact product that suits a pre-determined client budget is a difficult task indeed. Many suppliers have many restrictions, options and printing capabilities, quite often brand print area is limited. You find a bottle you think will do the job only to find out they can only print a postage stamp on it, one colour not full colour, don’t have stock, have limited stock, discontinued lines, only have one colour printing, no replacement lids, the list goes on. So next time your business requires the sourcing of promotional items, have a think about the work that goes into delivering a successful outcome, because every project is unique and comes with its own challenges in sourcing and supply of.

We could never charge what the job was worth in hours worked, but the real reward (job satisfaction) at the end of the day was hearing about how well the awards were received by the recipients. For a relatively small company financial outlay per award recipient a valued work force were honoured, recognised individually for their significant company contributions. Have to love that.

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