Branded website design strategy specialists

Website Design is an extension of our core creative service capabilities. Brand Design Identity is the key to stand out from a crowd website design. KG Advertising are well recognised in the advertising design industry for our brand design, packaging design, print promotion design and photographic creative services capabilities, however it is an important to know that KG Advertising also design content for responsive wordpress websites of distinction, for all kinds of business building and brand defining requirements. KG Advertising create fully responsive cms wordpress websites that stand out in a crowded global market place. Websites today are complex in code and website code developers have created a system that gives the content control of your website back to the website owners. When shopping for a Website Designer it is important to engage Website Designers that are Professional Graphic Designers that understand website code and not Website coders that ‘try’ to understand Graphic Design or you can come straight to us and avoid all the hassle in finding a Website Design creative services provider that understands. Great Design is vital for Great Website Design Presentations. Your online website design presentation is an extension of your business and brand identification, so make sure you do it right from the start. Professional website design content should always be written for search engine optimisation (SEO) and implemented from the first copy writing key stroke. The right key words to reach your target audience and define your good and services for sale. KG Advertising Website Design goes beyond just being another ‘pretty face’, we implement marketing design strategies into our website design from the first stroke of a keyboard key.

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