CMS WordPress® Website Designers

KG Advertising create brand identity website content design for CMS WordPress® websites for all kinds of business brand defining marketing objectives. 
From a one to 100 page website, e-commerce shop or product catalogue we have the knowledge, expertise and skill set to get it done right, right from the start.

Strategic Creative
Responsive Website Content Design

What KG Advertising deliver when we create strategic creative business websites is a relevant and compelling summary of the products, goods and services you offer, a comprehensive, informative presentation of  'valid reasons' a customer should consider your business products, goods and services over your competitors.

Our business is the business of making your business look good.


Our mission is to ensure that every project we undertake is delivered on budget to deadline to the highest industry standards in creativity, productivity and client service.

Website Services

  • Responsive WordPress Websites - content design and implementation, designed to work across all digital devices - desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones - Android/Apple
  • EDM’s (Electronic Direct Marketing) Campaigns
  • Google Ads - For business profile listing on Google
  • Social Media Advertising -
  • Facebook, Google Maps, Linkedin and Twitter Pages
  • Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Plans
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • OSEO - Organic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Promotional Landing Pages -
    Targeted Website Promotion
  • E-commerce - Woo Commerce Online Store

What is a fully responsive website?

A Responsive Website is a website that is designed to view and work across all digital media, smartphones (android and apple), tablets, desktop and laptop displays.
A CMS website is a Content Management System that gives full control of website development back to the website owner.
Once the website has been designed, created and uploaded to live status, the control of your website is handed back to you and enables you to manage your online shop, create blogs, email marketing campaigns, make changes and add or delete pages in real time in your own time.

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