KG Advertising create strategic creative business websites, a comprehensive, informative presentation of valid reasons why a new customer should consider our clients business products, goods and services over their competitors.

KG Advertising create website content for all kinds of business brand defining marketing objectives. From a one to 100 page website, e-commerce shop or product catalogue we have the knowledge, expertise and skill set to get it done right, right from the start.

KG Advertising deliver fully responsive CMS WordPress Websites

A fully responsive website is a website that is engineered and designed to scale down and up across all digital media, smartphones (android and apple), tablets, desktop and laptop displays. A CMS website is a Content Management System that gives full control of website development back to the website owner. Once the website has been designed, created and uploaded to live status, the control of your website is handed back to you and enables you to manage your online shop, create blogs, email marketing campaigns, make changes and add or delete pages in real time in your own time.

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